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young talented and creative individuals full of new ideas and ready to work collaboratively for collective, international, benefit, making the World a better place to live in.

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International Youth Forum Seliger unites 1000 future leaders, adventurous young entepreneurs and brave gamechangers from over 150 countries of the world to build a community of young professionals effecting positive global change


Gain knowledge and accumulate resources for your future projects, bring ideas to reality, discover the nature of leadership and learn how to be a better leader for the better world

Experience Russia

The biggest country in the world, with a thousand year histroy and deep cultural roots, the country to which Churchill reffered as «a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma». This is a perfect opportunity for your own discovery

About the forum

INTERSELIGER is an international project aimed at uniting the world leaders of tomorrow.

1000 exceptional individuals from different spheres and backgrounds will come together to “Dare to make the world you want to Live in”

INTERSELIGER is an international educational camp in the middle of the Russian woods in Tver Region, where thousands of responsible, entrepreneurial and daring young leaders from all over the world get together to meet high-profile speakers, generate synergies and gain new experiences by participating in educational, recreational and social activities in a natural setting of the Seliger lake system.

The camp is probably the only place in the world where one can find both wireless Internet and untouched wilderness of the Seliger natural preserve. It is a perfect place for young people from various nations to understand more personal values, talents, strengths and purpose of your life, upgrade your leadership skills, transform yourself and make own conclusions about global changes and challenges around the world. It is the right place for those who dare to live real, live now, live best.

INTERSELIGER offers you a place where one makes lifelong friends and builds strong networks among today's and future gamechangers of the world.

We don’t want to just talk and state youth's opinion in different issues on that forum. Our goal is to learn together how to play as a large global worldwide team aimed to create world with no wars, world with developing economy, to build education correctly and to find wise and innovational solutions. The current situation around the world proves that those goals cannot be achieved single handedly. So we can only make them true working as a team, when we know and trust each other. There is no time to come up with new ideas anymore. Now it is time to realize them.

INTERSELIGER 2014 takes place in Russia and that is why we will be glad to give international youth an opportunity to see real modern Russia for themselves and form their own opinion about our country through acquaintances and discussions with real people of different ages, social statuses, positions and spheres.

The main goal of the Forum is to create global community and carry on wise dialog in the future, work in teams, act responsibly and consistently to achieve results in high priority directions of development for the world and Russia itself.

In the new educational program each participant can choose one out of seven different tracks:

  • World Politics and International Relations
  • Economic growth and stable development
  • Science and innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • PR and creative Mass Media
  • Art & Culture

During INTERSELIGER 2014 will also be held a Conference for student organizations leaders and II International congress of young compatriots.

Beside interesting educational program and important meetings with global and Russian gamechangers, some other interesting activities will await for participants. Such as international festival of cultures "Global Village", "Russia night" as a way to get acquainted with modern and innovational Russia and its rich cultural legacy, sport event "Selimpic Games", "Open Mic" as a way to share experience and create interesting discussions in open format, Russian language lessons for foreign participants and demonstration of the best Russian films e.t.c.


Since 2005 Youth Forum Seliger has been a platform for active and involved youth from all over Russia.

In 2010 the Forum has become international giving warm welcome to young leaders from other countries. The idea of a unique educational eco-camp in Russian woods has been instantly spread in the Internet and worldwide social networks and attracted attention of hundreds of students from all over the world. More than 750 people (out of 1500 – the total number of participants in 2010) from over 80 countries have attended the First International Youth Forum Seliger in 2010.

In 2011 the Forum has undergone sufficient changes. It was decided to involve world known experts and teacher to give lectures and master classes. The 2011 appealing educational program enabled to get a much greater number of candidates than expected: the statistics showed 4,5 people per place. International Youth Forum Seliger 2011 has united more than 700 people from 90 countries.

2012 was an important landmark for the evolution of the Forum. Again the Organizing Committee have worked on improving the structure, involving highly experienced and well known specialists and offering greater opportunities for every participant. According to the globalsummerschools.com International youth Forum Seliger is one of the 10 most awesome student international conferences around the world, together with World Business Dialogue 2013, Harvard Project for Asian & International Relations, South American Business Forum and 5 others.

In 2013 the Organizing Committee selected the best 1000 participants from more than 5000 applications from 139 countries. INTERSELIGER 2013 has become the first all-Russian forum that was included into the Action Plan for 2013 between The Russian Federation and the Council of Europe in the sphere of youth policy. Moreover, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon sent his address to Seliger Model UN. Finally, INTERSELIGER 2013 hosted I Young Russian Compatriots Congress who presented the final resolution to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Who is going to be part of our team?

Seliger 2014 is open to leaders between the ages of 18 and 30 from all over the world. Young, talented responsible, entrepreneurial and daring individuals from diverse backgrounds with one passion of making a difference on a global scale and are highly motivated to collaborate to make our world a better place to live in.

What is Seliger exactly?

Seliger is a system of 24 lakes and 160 islands dispersed over an area of 212 sq. km (82 sq. mi.) A beautiful Monastery of St. Nil founded in the 16th century is located just 15 minutes away from the camp site.

So, let us make it clear – INTERSELIGER is a camp! In the forest!

But everything you need will be just at arm’s length!

  • Comfortable camp tents with mat and sleeping bags
  • Camp-wide Wi-Fi and electric sockets located around the camp site
  • Sufficient number of outdoor eco-friendly toilets, shower cabins, and washstands
  • 24/7 security with access restricted to participants only
  • 3 healthy meals per day
  • Medical personnel present 24/7
  • The most outstanding and encouraging environment
  • Interpreter always ready to re-translate your thoughts and ideas
  • Why in the woods?
  • INTERSELIGER offers a unique chance to break away from the glass and steel jungles of big cities and gain a different perspective of your life
  • No more formal and tiresome conferences. Informal atmosphere of an open dialogue, the sense of true partnership – that is what INTERSELIGER 2014 is about.
  • Open-air discussions will generate open-end initiatives.
  • Fresh air, amazing nature and sport will boost your activity.

Where and when it is going to take place:

Russia, Tver region, Lake Seliger, 27 of July - 3 of August, 2014

How to apply

In order to apply for International Youth Forum INTERSELIGER 2014 you should:

  • Register your account at this web-site http://www.interseliger.com/auth/register/ and confirm your e-mail. You can use your facebook account for authentification.
  • Fill in Application Form in your profile and wait for the results of application processing there along with an e-mail confirmation.

NOTE: the application deadline is June, 01 2014! Make sure you've registered in time!

Welcome to the special page for participants!

This section was written specially for you. It should help you to learn more about INTERSELIGER 2014, figure out why it is important to participate in that event, to understand the sections of the program, and most importantly, to understand how to get to the forum. Here you can ask us questions and we will happily answer them.

Who we want to see:

1000 global young leaders with different backgrounds from all over the world, who

  • share one passion of making a difference on a global scale and are highly motivated to collaborate to make our world a better place to live in
  • Interested in learning about Russia, utilizing its potential to move global innovation forward and develop mutually beneficial cooperation with the international community
  • Global minded, entrepreneurial, adventurous and full of creative energy to launch new projects, and ready to realize new ideas
  • Want to upgrade leadership skills and get new practical skills and knowledge
  • Want to learn international experience and start to think globally and act locally to make your life, life in your own cities, life in your countries and even life in the whole world better.

You can be:

  • student/graduate from the universities worldwide as well as professionals
  • young entrepreneur
  • leader of youth and student organizations
  • social innovator
  • young scientist
  • young diplomat and that who are interested in international relations and world politics
  • young person who are interested in art & culture

Strong previous and current experience in these spheres is required (e.g. NPO foundation/management; social or cultural projects activities; student union/local authority experience, own venture, etc).

INTERSELIGER 2014 is open to leaders between the ages of 18 and 30.
Fluent English is required.

What this forum will give you:

  • Unique educational program and customized schedule: you can create your own study plan by picking from a vast range of lectures, workshops, strong leadership trainings;
  • Assistance and advice from global gamechangers to turn your idea into reality;
  • A chance to find like-minded leaders among the participants from all over the world and create your dream team;
  • Learnings how to build wise dialog, plan in a team and be a partner;
  • Opportunities to present your own project or idea and get scholarship;
  • Opportunity to promote your project and attract investors;
  • Discovering more about different cultures and different backgrounds in Global Village;
  • Networking and communication with Russian and foreign business, politics, science and culture leaders;
  • See real modern Russia for yourselves and form your own opinion about our country through acquaintances and discussions with real people of different ages, social statuses, positions and fields of study
  • Find opportunities for further development of relations with Russia in different spheres such as education, travel, internship, work, projects, business etc.
  • Chance to learn the basics of the Russian language;
  • Enjoying beautiful Russian nature of Seliger lake

How to apply

In order to avoid misunderstanding, to save your time and to facilitate the Forum registration process we have decided to write this section full of useful information you might need BEFORE proceeding to the application form.

NOTE: the application deadline is June, 01 2014! Make sure you've registered in time!

Before you start, please look through the Application Guidelines.

  • Application form consists of 2 parts: Personal information and Questionnaire. First of all, make sure you have filled the Personal Information form. It is very important for us, because this information will be used for your visas. Only after that you can start with the second part of your application – Questionnaire.
  • You will need all your foreign passport details and scan copy of your passport in good quality (especially photo and numbers).
  • You will be asked to provide information about your education. We kindly ask you to write the full name of the university/college/school, etc. as it is written officially. Please be ready to provide valid website of your university/college/school, etc.
  • The application form and the application rules require 4 essays on different topics given in the application form. Use no more than 300 words in the essay.
  • Note that you will need to fill ALL the fields. In case some fields cannot be filled due to some reason, please, put NO instead of leaving them blank.

Finally, if you want to become part of the Seliger movement and celebrate this big event with us, please register and fill the application form and follow the instructions in it. Hope to see you at Seliger!

Visa process

As you know we offer visa support for non-Russian citizens. For the majority of the countries the process of visa application and obtaining visa goes smooth. However, in some cases we might need to ask you for additional information regarding your status. Although we will try to do our best to help you with getting the visa (there were no cases with visa rejection ever at the Forum) we encourage you to learn beforehand the last information on how to get Russian visa (for you to be 100% safe and sound).

Organizing Committee provides visas valid only for 2 weeks of your stay in Russian Federation, directly from July 23th to August 6th. If you don’t have regular flights for these dates, please inform the OC.

Easy steps to get Russian visa:

  • Carefully fill in personal data and provide us all necessary documents during INTERSELIGER application
  • Call to Russian Embassy in your country and ask for a list of documents, which you need to prepare and how your visa application process will look like.
  • Receive confirmation e-mail from Organizing Committee with the special number of Telex, which you should say in Russian Embassy in order to apply for visa (not more 3 weeks after you get confirmation email that you are selected as INTERSELIGER participants)
  • Gather all documents required for obtaining a visa and apply for a visa in the Russian Embassy.
  • Get you visa in a short period of time and have a nice trip to Russia

You will get more detailed instructions about getting Russian visa after you get selected.

NOTE! If you don’t leave the territory of the Russian Federation before your visa expires, you break the visa regime. That will be penalized.

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